Quest Partners LLC was founded in 2001 by Nigol Koulajian to manage client and personal assets using systematic trading programs. The programs maintain low correlations to traditional market indices. Exposure is diversified across geographies, asset classes and time frames.


Quest’s models use technical and fundamental inputs to identify trading opportunities and manage risk allocations on a continuous basis. The models exploit market inefficiencies using trend following, mean reversion, carry and periodicity strategies.

Risk Management

Integrated risk models manage portfolio risks by monitoring volatility metrics, market liquidity and sector exposure limits.

Portfolio Construction

Diversified futures and currency positions spanning over 50 liquid global markets. Trading systems are weighted within the portfolio based on their contributions to targeted volatility and drawdown levels.

Management Team

Nigol Koulajian, founder and CIO, has over 18 years of systems development experience and previously co-founded Enterprise Asset Management, a CTA company.

Paul Czkwianianc, Head of Research, worked alongside Nigol at Enterprise before joining Quest at its inception in 2001.

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